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New Generation Control

Smart 1.0
Control - Internet of Things (loT)

The typical smart home automation would feature seamlessly integrated security systems, refrigerators, televisions, dishwashers, and other electronics and appliances, centrally and/or remotely controlled from a single device. As more devices become connected to wireless technologies, the more features the smart home will include.

Smart 2.0
Data accumulate and automatic

In next generation of smart system, the system has accumulated certain data from the user. By analyzing these data, certain customized program solution would help to run fully automatic in certain situation and provide a more comfort and intelligence environment.

Smart 3.0
Learn behavior, intelligent advice
and fully automatic

This is the future of us

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will automatic learn users behavior, suggestion advice to control any devices, fully automatic much more intelligence than smart system.

Compare with 2.0, the AI will not need system provider to set or program, it will automatic control or advice users to control any lighting, curtain, appliances, music and other system. It will also compare and measure environmental change and thanks for the input from different sensors.

Intelligent living and working environments

Wellness and green environment

Smart home solution transforms your home into a state-of-the-art intelligent residence allowing you to control and view your home status from anywhere of the world using your smart home on IOS/Android apps.

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Wellness and green environment

Mixed-use development combines multiple property uses within a zone, such as residential, office, retail, shopping mall, car park, hotel and community purposes. For communities, a mixed-use development can reduce commute time and encourage customer traffic well beyond typical business hours.

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Healthy and efficiency working environment

Work environment has a major impact on employee satisfaction, productivity and development. Creating the best possible conditions for employees through an inspiring, activity based working environment supported by smart technology and smart solutions is therefore crucial.

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  • Centrium Residence (Beijing)
  • Lai Loi Garden Phase I / II (Beijing)
  • OCT Bay (Shenzhen)
  • Forest Hills Phase I / II (Guangzhou)
  • UpperHills (Shenzhen)
  • Discovery Bay Phase 15 (Hong Kong)
  • Dunbar Place (Hong Kong)
  • CADOGAN (Hong Kong)
  • Cheung Sha, South Lantau (Hong Kong)
  • The Treez (Malaysia Bukit)
  • Paragon Residences (Malaysia Johor)
  • 130 De Voeux Road West (Hong Kong)
  • Medang Serai (Malaysia)
  • Belfran Road (Hong Kong)
  • Lai Loi Garden Phase I / II (Beijing)
  • SZ Penthouse (Shenzhen)
  • Xin An Villa (Dongguan)
  • Royal Ascot (Hong Kong)
  • Bonham Show Flat (Hong Kong)
  • Leighton Centre (Hong Kong)
  • Shouson Hill Road (Hong Kong)
  • 39 Condit Road (Hong Kong)
  • Upton (Hong Kong)
  • Edificios Panama (Macau)
  • Black’s Link (Hong Kong)
  • Grand Austin (Hong Kong)
  • Grand Austin Duplex (Hong Kong)
  • La Salle Road (Hong Kong)
  • Residence Bel-Air (Hong Kong)
  • Yoo Residence Duplex (Hong Kong)


01 Oct 2016

Architectural Intelligence event in Oct, any enquiry please contact us in info@interactivesmartsolution.com.


20161009 環保再生藝術展

Green Walk Hong Kong

20160914 Wellness Dinner1

Welliness Dinner

Jazz Night 20160422

Jazz Night

26 Aug 2016

Our New Project - Green Wellness and smart office solution @ Liquid Interior Launch!


LiquidofficeFinal 1 7 2 small


LiquidofficeFinal 1 4 small


LiquidofficeFinal 1 11small2

03 Apr 2017

Green economy is currently a world trend. In order to respond to the business community's craving for such knowledge, the World Green Organisation (WGO) is inviting experts from different sectors to share their ideas on how to use advanced technology to implement a smart office, benefit from applying energy saving, monitor PM2.5 and CO2 concentration and data collection with case sharing, and utilise green ergonomics in order to improve staff productivity. The seminar will introduce WGO's Sustainable Business Awards (SBA) and help corporations understand how to be socially and environmentally sustainable and enhance their corporate image while being cost-effective.





27 Apr 2018

New Office Grand Opening
A Tech Sharing Night












09 Jun 2017

We are honored to be present in the 11th Health Expo 2017, sharing our experience in elderly smart home system.

health expo 04

health expo 06

health expo 11

health expo 02


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